Featured Testimonial

“I want to give a special shoutout to Dr. Paula Jones at Rejuvenate You! The IV therapy that I receive has truly been game changing! Thanks to her treatment, I am finally starting to feel like myself again. It will take time, but I am 100% confident that I will be back to normal soon! Dr. Paula took the time to figure out exactly what my body needed to get some much needed relief and energy. Through our visits, we have formed a relationship that I will cherish forever! Love you to the moon and back #GoodbyeLupus” – Jennifer L.

More Client Reviews

Such a cute place !!! Great vibes and the owner couldn’t be any more welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a relaxing experience!!!!

Holly D.

Dr. Paula Jones is so kind and really takes the time to listen! Love her!!!

Michele D.

A warm relaxing oasis of good health. Thank you Dr Paula!

Barbara N.

Addicted after one visit. What a wonderful place, a wonderful person and experience. The space is so relaxing and beautiful. Dr. Jones is caring and positive and so helpful and kind. So many great services offered. This is absolutely worth it and has such a great impact on your quality of life.

Courtney R.

I always feel outstanding after my session.

Phillip W.

Great environment. Very professional. You make others feel very good.

Peggy R.

What an incredible experience! Relax in the midst advanced massage chair (yes, it even massages the bottom of your feet!) while getting an IV full of vitamins etc crafted specifically for you. Then head to the oxygen bar for some more relaxation. Can even relax in the infrared sauna. Atmosphere is relaxing, friendly, and soothing! Oh, and my blood pressure was spot on after my visit. Thank you so much Paula Jones. Can’t wait to come back!!!

Stephanie D.

Dr. Paula is thee best when it come to advice and health! My husband has been going thru 88 days of hospital stay and finally came home. Her IV Immune Therapy and other services is what is reviving his strength and health!!

Deb D.

Dr. J is the BEST! Her space is relaxing and safe and therapeutic and she’s been nothing but wonderful. I will come back again and again!

Jennifer L.

Personal touch and laughed at my jokes.

Franklin C.

Dr. Jones was amazing as always! The IV nutrition therapy has literally changed my life! It’s so awesome to be able to be active again!

Jason D.