My husband has Alzheimer’s on the advancing stage. He just won’t eat. He was tired, his color was like wax and he could barely walk. He was starving. In fact I had to use his wheelchair to get him into the office. Dr. Paula J. mixed an infusion for him that worked wonders. In fact he Walked out of the office on his own. God bless you for giving me my sweetheart back.

Barbara N., RN (retired)

Dr. Paula [possesses] all of the good traits you’d want in a physician and friend. She’s kind, compassionate, skilled, smart, funny, witty, and efficient!

Jeanell P.

“I want to give a special shoutout to Dr. Paula Jones at Rejuvenate You! The IV therapy that I receive has truly been game changing! Thanks to her treatment, I am finally starting to feel like myself again. It will take time, but I am 100% confident that I will be back to normal soon! Dr. Paula took the time to figure out exactly what my body needed to get some much needed relief and energy. Through our visits, we have formed a relationship that I will cherish forever! Love you to the moon and back #GoodbyeLupus”

Jennifer L.

Such a cute place !!! Great vibes and the owner couldn’t be any more welcoming. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a relaxing experience!!!!

Holly D.

Dr. Paula Jones is so kind and really takes the time to listen! Love her!!!

Michele D.

A warm relaxing oasis of good health. Thank you Dr Paula!

Barbara N.

Addicted after one visit. What a wonderful place, a wonderful person and experience. The space is so relaxing and beautiful. Dr. Jones is caring and positive and so helpful and kind. So many great services offered. This is absolutely worth it and has such a great impact on your quality of life.

Courtney R.

I always feel outstanding after my session.

Phillip W.

Great environment. Very professional. You make others feel very good.

Peggy R.

What an incredible experience! Relax in the midst advanced massage chair (yes, it even massages the bottom of your feet!) while getting an IV full of vitamins etc crafted specifically for you. Then head to the oxygen bar for some more relaxation. Can even relax in the infrared sauna. Atmosphere is relaxing, friendly, and soothing! Oh, and my blood pressure was spot on after my visit. Thank you so much Paula Jones. Can’t wait to come back!!!

Stephanie D.

Dr. Paula is the best when it come to advice and health! My husband has been going thru 88 days of hospital stay and finally came home. Her IV Immune Therapy and other services is what is reviving his strength and health!!

Deb D.

Dr. J is the BEST! Her space is relaxing and safe and therapeutic and she’s been nothing but wonderful. I will come back again and again!

Jennifer L.

Paula J should be on every ones speed dial for optimal health. You don’t know you need her services until you get them. I took a bi monthly IV and went from a 64 year old to a 25 olds energy level. Life changing and subtle. It’s not jittery like an energy drink or a sugar high. Simply amazing and natural. Plus she’s a doctor who is hands on. No fake who knows what you get from a Nurse who isn’t even allowed to give it out at these overpriced fake locations every where nowadays. Best decision ever was to go to her amazing place. Don’t wait another minute. Book it before you don’t.

Pam B.

Dr. Jones was amazing as always! The IV nutrition therapy has literally changed my life! It’s so awesome to be able to be active again!

This is all REAL HEALTH here should be.

Brazil L.

It was an awesome experience. She’s badass!!! I can’t wait to go back and experience her rejuvenation treatment and my second micro needling procedure. Lovely office with so much of her delightful personality thrown in. Great music, just a cool, chill vibe but with an upbeat energy that comes from the owner. Not to mention, artwork by her daughter that’s phenomenal. If you’re thinking about it or on the fence stop wasting time. Make your appointment and be prepared for a wonderful feel good time.

Meagan J.

I bring my mom to get iv therapy and she always walks out energized and feels amazing. Dr. Paula has been amazing and I definitely recommend her :).

Lulu A.

Dr. Paula Jones runs an amazing place. She offers many things in her clinic such as IV Therapy, Microneedling, Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy, Tranquility Center, Compression Therapy and she also has a Himalayan Salt Room! The Tranquility Center is a truly amazing healing place that you just have to experience for yourself. Dr. Jones is a compassionate, caring person who will listen to each patient that comes into her office and tailor each therapy individually. It is very comforting knowing that she has been an ER Doctor for 20+ years so you know you are in good hands with her. I went to see her for some health issues I was having, and she has helped me immensely with the IV therapy over the past couple of years. If I could give her 6 stars I would do that.

Beth S.

Dr. Paula is full of positive energy and provides a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Quinn P.

Dr. Paula is amazing. She is so kind and knowledgable and truly cares about improving your quality of life. Rejuvenate You is life changing. She has so many resources to improve wellness, help athletes recover, reduce pain and even to beat winter blues! Cannot recommend this place enough.

Courtney R.

I cannot say enough AMAZING things about this woman and her business In the height of Covid Dr. Paula turned my upside down world right side up. Social distancing from loved ones and friends because of the risks I was taking in my job. Her holistic approach to self care twisted with the medical treatment of an IV LIFE CHANGING. Mom goes with me now and the difference in Moms energy and overall being is unimaginable. Do yourself a favor, for once spoil yourself. Her NEWEST service guided mediations Thursdays at 7p!!!


Dr Paula is the BEST doctor I ever went too! The IV therapies have helped me so much! I travel a great distance to come and see her I totally trust her because all her formulations are of high quality , from such a professional who is actually certified to do what she does and is equipped to handle any situation. I have never felt better since getting her therapies. I got to sit in a massage chair with infrared heat to Excell the healing process all at no extra costs. Dr Paula TRULY CARES and wants all her patients to get well!!! I even had an oxygen treatment and a vid D injection. I LOVE the energy in her place and you can feel the love as you walk through the door! AMAZING! I am BLESSED to have found her!!

Tammy W.