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4 Powerful Benefits of NormaTec Compression Therapy

October 26, 2020

Elite athletes have long used NormaTec compression therapy to speed up recovery after workouts. This is probably due primarily to how quick and convenient it is to achieve compression therapy benefits with this brand. Needless to say, these devices have become a big deal in the world of sports. But elite athletes are far from the only ones using them.

Plenty of folks love using compression boots after a long day on their feet at a retail job. Others may use them in the same way you’d get a massage. Maybe you’re just getting back into a good exercise routine, but you really don’t want to suffer through the next six days of muscle aches and pains. NormaTec compression boots may be the ticket.

Ever since 1998 when NormaTec first came on the scene to help with circulation issues, it has dominated the industry. But setting aside the hype for a moment, is a leg compression machine actually worth your time?

Dr. Paula Jones from Rejuvenate You in a white medical coat against an ocean backdrop (wide frame).
Elite athletes LOVE compression therapy!

NormaTec Benefits

Increased Circulation

Athletes are among the most passionate advocates for Normatec compression therapy, often using the boots before a workout or after a long run. But enhancing a workout and speeding up muscle recovery aren’t the only benefits. So, what does NormaTec do besides these things?

After using a leg compression machine, your legs will feel weightless. In fact, they will probably have a slight tingle — similar to what you experience after a good massage. This is exactly what the device’s intermittent pneumatic compression is designed to do (more on this later). Long story short, these sessions can help you get your blood circulating, which is more than a little important!   

Kicking back in a recliner with NormaTec boots on.
Compression boots are quick, convenient, and transformative when it comes to pain relief.

Less Muscle Pain

If you experience muscle pain, you should really give these boots a shot. Find a medspa, spend approximately $25-40, and experience a wide range of NormaTec benefits (including some real relief). It’s always worth giving non-invasive and inexpensive options a try before going on to more extreme pain management options, and this is a therapeutic, non-invasive, and (crucially) low-cost treatment option!   

Sports Physical Therapy Applications

It’s no secret that elite athletes depend on compression therapy to stay at the top of their game. Athletes from Lebron James to Steve Nash have had success using the technology of NormaTec. But using compression boots before a workout can actually prevent and treat injuries too.  

“Every NormaTec is made to the standards demanded by the world’s best athletes, teams, and coaches.”


Unsightly Vein Prevention

Having a problem with varicose or spider veins? Maybe you’re worried about that for down the road and want to get ahead of any issue. Compression therapy can help with symptoms and stop them from worsening. When we consider that varicose and spider veins develop from poor circulation, it’s easy to see how NormaTec boots could help keep them away. A leg compression machine may just be the perfect resource for preventing your vein-related woes.

The Technology

NormaTec boots are probably the most popular type of device the company makes. They are phenomenal for runners, other athletes in high-impact sports, and individuals who generally spend a lot of time on their feet — say those working long hours in a retail store.

Pulse Technology

NormaTec leg boots employ a patented Pulse technology that comfortably squeezes your limbs at intervals. The units help your body detox inflammation and eliminate lactic acid from your limbs over the course of a session. It really feels amazing — especially following a run or even just a long day on your feet! 

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Book a session to experience a wide range of NormaTec benefits today!

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy

Starting at the bottom of the leg and gradually compressing before releasing, each unit’s pneumatic pressure system works on your muscles in a way no other device can. The use of intermittent pneumatic compression in sports recovery can be traced back to medical device usage. NormaTec quickly found this intermittent pulsing technology to be quite useful outside of strictly medical applications, leading to the cottage industry around compression therapy that we see today.  

Did You Know?
Boots aren’t the only form of NormaTec compression therapy.

Rejuvenate You has multiple compression service options available. Choose between our leg and hip compression therapy units, or try them both for the full range of NormaTec benefits!

Overlapping Zones

The full body unit’s attachments provide “overlapping zones for gapless compression.” This way, you can be sure that no area gets missed. But don’t worry, this isn’t an anaconda squeeze or anything painful. Even with the thoroughness and attention to deep compression, these devices are designed to NEVER squeeze too hard or become uncomfortable.   

Does Buying a Compression Therapy System Make Sense For Me?

In short, probably not. Purchasing even the basic leg set up is pretty pricey. Now, if you happen to be an elite athlete who will be using compression therapy every day, it may be a reasonable investment. It could also make sense for teams and sports physical therapy offices to invest in a system. Otherwise, individual sessions are probably your best bet with prices typically being VERY low at reputable health and wellness establishments (hip & leg sessions are both just $25 at Rejuvenate You). 

Ready to Try Compression Therapy? 

Man relaxing with his eyes closed while using NormaTec arm compression units.
Stop by Rejuvenate You to experience this long list of compression therapy benefits!

Intermittent pneumatic compression is a low-cost experiment with high reward potential. Ready to see what it can do for you? Experience the benefits of compression therapy in the state-of-the-art medispa at Rejuvenate You.

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