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4 Powerful Benefits of NormaTec Compression Therapy

October 26, 2020

Elite athletes have long used NormaTec compression therapy to speed up recovery after workouts. Compression therapy is a lot easier and more convenient with NormaTec, which has made it a mainstay in the world of sports. Many have also come to love the benefits of using compression boots before workouts. Ever since 1998 when the boots first came on the scene to help with circulation issues, NormaTec has dominated the industry. But setting aside the hype for a moment, is compression therapy with the NormaTec Recovery System really worth it?

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What Is Compression Therapy with the NormaTec Recovery System For?

Increase Circulation

Athletes are the most common Normatec users, often using compression boots before a workout or after a long run. But it’s not at all limited to those looking to enhance their workouts or speed up muscle recovery.

After finishing a NormaTec session, legs always feel weightless. In fact, they get a slight tingle, similar to the feeling one might have after a pleasant massage. Which, in reality, is exactly what the units are designed to provide in a very targeted way.   

Eliminate Muscle Pain

If you experience muscle pain, I definitely recommend you schedule a NormaTec session somewhere. Using compression therapy may be a wonderful, relaxing, and inexpensive treatment option for you.   

Sports Physical Therapy Applications

It’s no secret that major athletes depend on NormaTec compression therapy to stay at the top of their game. Athletes from Lebron James to Steve Nash have had success using the technology of NormaTec. But using compression boots before a workout can actually prevent and treat injuries too.  

“Every NormaTec is made to the standards demanded by the world’s best athletes, teams, and coaches.”


Get Rid of Unsightly Veins 

Having a problem with varicose or spider veins? Maybe you’re just worried you might down the road. NormaTec can help with the symptoms and stop them from worsening. 

The Technology Behind NormaTec Compression Therapy

Pulsing compression

NormaTec boots employ a patented Pulse technology that comfortably squeezes your limbs at intervals. The units help your body detox inflammation and eliminate lactic acid from your limbs over the course of a session. It really feels amazing — especially following a run or even just a long day on your feet! 

Starting at the bottom of the leg and gradually moving higher before releasing, each NormaTec unit’s pneumatic pressure system works on your muscles in a way no other device can.  

Fun fact: NormaTec compression therapy isn’t reserved to legs. In fact, Rejuvenate You has the full NormaTec system available. That includes leg, hip, AND arm units! 

Man relzxing with his eyes closed while using NormaTec arm compression units.

Overlapping Zones

All units (hips, arms, and legs) feature “overlapping zones for gapless compression.” This way, you can be sure that no part of your limb gets missed. And the best part is that despite the thoroughness and attention to deep compression, NormaTec designed their devices to NEVER squeeze too hard or become uncomfortable.   

Does Buying a NormaTec Compression Therapy System Make Sense For Me?

In short, probably not. Even the most basic units are pretty pricey. Now, if you happen to be an elite athlete who will be using compression therapy every day, it may be a reasonable investment. It may also make sense for teams and sports physical therapy offices to invest in a system. Otherwise, sessions are usually very inexpensive at reputable health and wellness establishments. 

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