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How to Choose a Medspa for Natural Healing

September 19, 2021

As widespread interest in holistic health and wellness continues to grow, so does the demand for natural healing centers/medspas. But these facilities are not all cut from the same cloth. So what exactly should you be looking for in a medical spa, and what benefits can you expect from the experience in the first place? Let’s take a look!

The 3 Big Benefits of Finding the Right Medspa

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Finding a space where you can show up any time and be treated in a comprehensive and holistic way is a game-changer. Some businesses kind of just throw a bunch of services together, but a true natural healing center will assess your whole person. That’s why our friendly (and pretty dang inspiring) board-certified physician Dr. Paula, does an eval before every treatment at our center! She focuses on developing one-on-one relationships to better understand folks and their health goals. This way, much like your dentist, GP, or a personal trainer, we get to know you and can better track your progress to make recommendations over time.


No one likes getting sick. This is one of the main appeals of a service like IV vitamin C infusions. In treating your whole self, a good medical spa helps you build up your biological armor across the board. From red light therapy to B12 shots, the right combination of treatment options will help you build up your immunity and identify the healthiest path forward based on your specific background and needs.  


Mind, body, and soul, baby! Pursuing an integrative approach to your health is a crucial step in building a consistent sense of wellbeing. And whether we call it the power of forward momentum, personal mojo, or just science, life has a funny way of falling into place when we feel well. With that in mind, you may just find that finding the right medspa that focuses on natural healing can be quite useful for building that momentum/mojo/positivity in your life.

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How Do I Choose?

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, locating a natural healing center may be a matter of walking down the street. But how do you know which one is the best choice? For those who live outside of a big city, the question may be twofold: A.) Are any medspas within reasonable distance? B.) Are they worth trying out? Here are a few things to look for when determining if a natural healing spa is worth your time and money, whether you’re in Los Angeles, California or Glasgow, Montana (a.k.a. “the most isolated town in America“).

Are Treatments Administered by a Physician?

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While necessary in the case of certain services, a medical license isn’t a legal requirement to perform every type of wellness treatment in every part of the country (rules may differ from service to service and state to state). We reference a geographically based difference in legality (source: American Med Spa) in our article on microneedling. But even though it isn’t required everywhere, it arguably should be. Especially for invasive treatments.

A service like compression therapy is no big deal — this can be performed by a trained employee. No problems there. But do you really want someone who hasn’t been to medical school giving you an IV vitamin treatment? We sure wouldn’t.

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What Do Their Reviews Say?

See what other folks have to say about their experience at the business. What do their Google Reviews look like? Are they listed on Yelp? Social media may help you give a picture of how the business operates and interacts with its community as well.

What’s the Staff-to-Customer Ratio Like?

Size may correlate with legitimacy in our minds up to a point. After all, a fly-by-night operation is unlikely to sustain the clientele and funding to grow into a large, successful organization. This certainly can help weed out some sketchier operations. But if you feel like you’re merely a dollar sign being shuffled through a “holistic wellness treatment,” well… that’s no good either.

Many bigger businesses handle their size just fine though. It really comes down to doing a vibe check and seeing if you’re comfortable with the level of personal attention a given medspa provides (Heck, that really goes for just about any business we support, right?)

Curious About Medical Spas or Holistic Healing?

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