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5 Huge Benefits of IV Vitamin C Infusion

January 10, 2021

IV therapy is kind of a big deal right now. Demand from vitamin infusion consumers is growing. While there are many different types of vitamin infusion cocktails on the market, receiving a vitamin C infusion super dose is an extremely popular choice. Here are five BIG benefits of a cocktail that includes a little bit of Vitamin C!

A doctor prepares to give a woman in a massage chair a vitamin c infusion of iv therapy inside a seafoam green office.

Why Vitamin C Infusion?

You may be wondering… why get a vitamin C infusion at all? Can’t I just eat a few oranges? Before we dive into that answer, let’s make sure it’s clear what we mean when we talk about a vitamin infusion. A vitamin infusion is a combination of different nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, etc. (Dr. Paula can customize the specific ingredients to better benefit your biological needs) that then flows directly into your bloodstream through an intravenous connection. It’s kind of like the opposite of giving blood — instead of giving up blood, you’re taking in an army of healthy supplements.

(If you’re totally new to the world of IV therapy, I recommend checking out some info on IV therapy benefits to learn what you can expect from an average session.)

But to answer the question about getting a vitamin C infusion specifically, let’s take a look at what it actually offers compared to a traditional vitamin C supplement or biting into some citrus fruit!

A doctor in a white coat prepares a patient in a massage chair for her vitamin infusion treatment.

The Benefits of Vitamin C Infusions

WAY more Vitamin C

At Rejuvenate You, many of the infusions we offer include Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). So whether you try the Power-Up, Trimune Booster, or our MuscleUp IV option, you get 25 grams of vitamin C. That’s a ton! For reference, medium-sized oranges have about 70 milligrams of Vitamin C each. So you’ll get your daily dose and then some with any of our vitamin C infusion cocktails.

But the thing is… you’re getting MUCH more than just vitamin C.

Extra Vitamins & Minerals

Also included in your IV bag are anywhere from nine to 21 additional nutrients. Meaning you can look at the benefits and ingredients of each IV drip, decide what you want to target, and know that whichever option you choose will pack a wide-reaching punch of health and energy!


What’s simpler than sitting in a massage chair while a doctor fills your body with vitamins and minerals? Many folks find it to be a welcome time for relaxation — an oasis from the stress and chaos of the day.

A woman relaxes in a massage chair with a cell phone holder rigged to the left armrest.

Positive Nutrient Interactions

As I mentioned, we do several different types of vitamin infusion at our IV bar. One of these is targeted to provide your bloodstream with a powerful antioxidant known as Glutathione. We love offering this one because in the case of glutathione, it can be a little difficult to get the substance naturally.

Unfortunately, even eating foods that contain the antioxidant doesn’t guarantee you’ll get enough. If it’s prepared the wrong way or exposed to the wrong temperature, that can actually affect how much glutathione gets into your body! Know what else? Take another quick look at that last link and you’ll notice that glutathione also happens to be great for “maintaining vitamins C and E in their reduced, active forms” which is super cool.

One last super cool fact: Our PowerUp infusion contains vitamin C AND glutathione.

That’s just one relevant example, but feel free to ask Dr. Paula about any ingredients you’re curious about!

Better Absorption

Let’s say you eat a bell pepper (a great source of vitamin C) that has 150 milligrams of vitamin C. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your body will receive all 150 milligrams of vitamin C. But according to Healthline, vitamin infusion increases absorption rates by a lot. The following quote from Pharmacist Dena Westphalen expounds on this in simple terms:

“A vitamin that’s taken by mouth gets broken down in the stomach and digestive tract, and is limited on how much can be absorbed (50 percent). If, however, the vitamin is given through an IV, it’s absorbed at a much higher percentage (90 percent).”

— Dena Westphalen, PharmD

Is Vitamin C Infusion Right For Me?

Great question! Vitamin C has many amazing benefits, and with a vitamin C infusion, you stand to experience the full spectrum of them. It’s always wise to check with your medical physician, but you can always talk to ours too. Dr. Paula Jones is a Board-Certified Emergency Medical Physician with a passion for health and wellness. She performs all treatments personally and only after a medical review and discussion of your health history and goals.

You’ll want to avoid taking too much vitamin C on a consistent basis to avoid things like gas and bloating. We certainly don’t recommend getting vitamin C infusions daily, for instance. But periodic treatment from a medical doctor can give your system an awesome boost!

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