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5 Surprising Benefits of B12 Shots

January 03, 2022

If you’re interested in upping your vitamin B (also known as cobalamin) intake as a way to give yourself an edge or fight a B12 deficiency, you’ve likely heard about B12 injections. The benefits of B12 shots aren’t just limited to energy and mood elevation though. Let’s take a look at what a little extra cobalamin can do for you, how quickly the injections work, suggested treatment frequency, and of course, B12 shot costs.

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Ready to plant some B12 shot benefits in your system?

How Quickly Does a B12 Shot Work?

Pretty darn quickly. Your body should begin experiencing the benefits of B12 shots within a few days.

“Within 48 to 72 hours, your body will begin to make new red blood cells. For mild deficiencies, you may need two to three injections over several weeks to notice peak impact,” says a wellness source from Anazao MD.

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This brings up a couple of important points.

  1. Everybody is different. What one person needs a lot more of, another may not, and vice-versa.
  2. Only a medical professional can properly evaluate your healthcare needs.

This is why a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician evaluates everyone treated at Rejuvenate You and offers individualized recommendations.

Keep in mind when you consider cobalamin injections or any other invasive health and wellness service like microneedling treatments or vitamin IV therapy: reputable medspas should have a certified medical professional treat you. These treatments are simple and safe, but only when administered by qualified healthcare workers.

5 Benefits of B12 Shots That You Should Know About

What are the benefits of B12 shots? Here are five huge benefits of B12 shots, including its positive impact on mood, energy, weight, red blood cell formation, and immunity.


Feeling down? Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M.D. tells the Mayo Clinic, “Low levels of B-12 and other B vitamins such as vitamin B-6 and folate may be linked to depression.” Studies may be inconclusive, but at the very least, a holistic and integrated approach to one’s health in the form of adequate vitamins and nutrients helps achieve a more balanced biology that certainly won’t hurt your overall mood.


We could all use a little boost sometimes. If your energy is low, it’s possible you have a B12 deficiency. One of the benefits of B12 shots is how quick and easy they are, meaning that you not only get the boost of B12, but you also don’t have to spend time and energy tracking various food sources and/or supplements to get it. B12 shots offer a full dose, all-at-once solution.


For those with deficiencies, cobalamin shots provide the potentially useful perk of increasing metabolism. For those struggling with weight loss, it could be worth consulting a doctor to see if B12 injections would help.

Red Blood Cells

You know ’em, you love ’em… red blood cells are an important part of a healthy, functioning biology. One of the benefits of B12 shots, as mentioned in the IM article, is that they can help your body create more red blood cells and ward off anemia.

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Drip Hydration points out that a combination of benefits we already mentioned above, plus its contribution to the body’s DNA maintenance process, means B12 supports “a healthy immune system that is ready to fight off illnesses year-round.”

Are There Any Risk Factors for Developing a B12 Deficiency?

The benefits of B12 injections are most pronounced in those with a B12 deficiency. So, who is most at risk for developing this deficiency?

Some of the biggest risk factors for B12 deficiency are vegetarian/vegan diets, pregnancy/breastfeeding, and aging. (Invigor Medical via The National Institutes of Health)

Aging can make it more difficult for the body to break down and absorb B12. For this reason, it’s even more important as we age to talk to a doctor about whether or not our bodies are absorbing the vitamins we need.

“It is recommended that adults over the age of 50 increase their sources of vitamin B12 through diet, fortified foods, B12 shots, or other supplements that can increase their B12 consumption.”

(Invigor Medical via a fact sheet for health professionals by The National Institutes of Health

We talked in depth about how infusions can help our bodies absorb a greater percentage of a supplement in our discussion on the benefits of vitamin C IV infusions.

For information on the importance of bioavailability as it relates to athletes, check out Why Your Duathlon Training Plan Needs Vitamin Infusion Therapy.

How Much Vitamin B12 is Too Much?

Due to its water solubility, B12 is not a particularly risky supplement to take, even in high doses. While taking too much B12 is not going to kill you, it may still bring on some undesirable side effects such as increased acne. (Healthline)

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The benefits of vitamin B12 shots are something to smile BIG about!

We strongly recommend that anyone receiving B12 boost shots have them performed by a licensed medical practitioner. This way, you can avoid side effects, ensure the use of top-quality ingredients, and maximize the overall benefits of B12 shots.

How Often Should I Get B12 Injections?

The frequency with which you get B12 shots depends on many factors. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution here. This is yet another reason why it is so helpful to have a medical professional administering your treatments. A doctor will ask the right questions and ascertain key bits of information about your lifestyle, health history, and goals to decide what’s best for your personal situation.

Frequent treatments, as much as every week, may yield the maximum benefits of B12 injections for some. For others, however, this would be too much.

So… how often can you get a B12 shot? As often as a trusted doctor suggests.

How Much are B12 Shots?

B12 shot costs will vary from place to place. We offer them for $39 at our location in Dublin, Ohio. Perfect Health places the average cost in the neighborhood of $50-80. Combine that with how quickly a B12 shot starts to work, and you can begin to see why they’re such a convenient and popular option.

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Ask a doctor about the benefits of B12 shots today!

The Bottom Line

B12 shots may be a great option for anyone who isn’t getting enough of this powerful vitamin in their diet, either through diet or supplements. From the wide ranging benefits of B12 injections to just how quickly the shots start working, the treatment can be a convenient and effective choice for many.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or just stop on by our medspa in Dublin, Ohio if you have any questions for Dr. Paula about the benefits of B12 shots or about scheduling your session.

We always recommend consulting a doctor before starting any new supplement or making other significant changes to your healthcare routine.

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