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5 Benefits of IV Bar Fluids After Surgery

March 31, 2024

For anyone undergoing a surgery, gathering information about preparation and procedure are part of the journey. Similarly, finding answers about how to handle aftercare is an important consideration. This is one way that the benefits of IV bars can come into play. Getting enough fluids after surgery is always beneficial to recovery. Oftentimes, it’s downright crucial. Here are five ways that a vitamin drip infusion from an IV bar can help put you on a faster road to recovery in the aftermath of a surgery.

A surgeon giving the thumbs up after surgery.

5 Benefits of Receiving IV Bar Fluids After Surgery

Scheduling drip infusions can make life after surgery a whole lot simpler. Read on to see if speaking to a medical professional about this option could help set you up for a smoother road to recovery.

1.) Speedy Hydration

IV drip infusions have long been known as the most efficient way to quickly hydrate the human body. This is because of how quickly IVs hit the bloodstream — it’s pretty much immediate. Medical professionals routinely turn to intravenous fluid delivery for patients in dire straits who are experiencing the symptoms of severe dehydration.

2.) 100% Bioavailability

Just because a vitamin C supplement contains 150% the recommended daily dose, does not mean your body will be able to process anywhere near that much from an oral supplement. It definitely won’t. Vitamins and minerals delivered via nutrient-rich foods, drinks, and health supplements suffer a drastic reduction in efficacy by the time they reach an individual’s bloodstream. Similarly, in the case of oral drug administration, “most of the drug is metabolized and eliminated before reaching systemic blood circulation (NCBI, citing Pharmacokinetics: The Dynamics of Drug Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Elimination).”

Intravenous fluids, on the other hand, are the overachievers of the nutrient delivery world. IVs boast a nearly 100% bioavailability. This means that virtually none of the nutrients in an IV bag are wasted. Since IV fluids don’t journey through the digestive tract, these nutrients also entirely avoid being dissolved in stomach acid (Next Health).

A woman at the Rejuvenate You IV bar receives a vitamin drip infusion.

Quick tip: Drip infusion fluids after surgery may be an especially useful option for folks suffering from leaky gut (The Biostation).

3.) Professional Postoperative Care

Assuming that an IV bar is run by a medically licensed professional, that nurse or doctor may use their expertise to offer a higher level of care through customized options. They can do this by assessing your lifestyle, health goals, and other post-surgery considerations to customize your IV cocktail with nutrients that treat your needs after your specific type of surgery.

4.) Zero Effort

Some folks find it difficult to drink enough water just in general. Since hydration is key to a variety of bodily health metrics from organ health to infection resistance (Harvard) it’s already worth taking note of one’s water intake. In the context of post-surgery hydration, however, hydration can become even more important. If getting an adequate amount of fluids after surgery is a struggle for you, consider visiting a reputable IV bar for an easy and surefire route to total hydration.

5.) Post-Op Vitamin Support

There’s no question that access to the right vitamins can support healing after surgery. In addition to superior hydration, each of the IV recipes at Rejuvenate You’s IV bar constitutes a specially tailored medley of vitamins and nutrients to support various different health goals. According to MD Spine, “Healthy adults who eat a well-balanced diet before surgery” don’t necessarily need a strict post-op vitamin regimen, but if a patient isn’t sure they’re getting adequate nutrients this way, they might consider supplementing with extra vitamins after surgery.

A circle of surgeons peering down at a patient after surgery.

Who Should Get IV Fluids After Surgery?

The answer to this question may depend on the severity and type of surgery. It will also depend on your personal situation and health background. First and foremost, we always recommend consulting a licensed medical professional with any questions about postoperative care. That’s why we ensure at Rejuvenate You that a licensed physician is on staff and on site at all times.

Ready to Schedule a Drip Infusion?

Schedule a session, give us a call, or stop by our Dublin location any time to speak with us about your options. Dr. Paula Jones administers every IV bar treatment and takes the time to understand your health history, lifestyle, and goals in seeking IV fluids and vitamins for healing after surgery. We look forward to speaking with you!

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