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5 Tips for How to Boost Your Immune System

February 23, 2023

Nobody likes to get sick, but we don’t always take the steps to avoid it until we feel that first sneeze coming on. Unfortunately, it’s often too late to completely ward off the illness by that point. Especially as the weather begins to change, you may find yourself wondering how to boost your immune system. So, what are some proactive ways to get ahead of whatever bugs happen to be floating around this season?

A teddy bear in a hospital bed getting an immunity booster shot.
We can bear-ly contain our enthusiasm for these immunity booster tips!

6 Powerful Immunity Boosters

From athletic activities to the foods we consume, these six things can boost the body’s immune system in no time.

Steamed Broccoli

Generally speaking, broccoli is a supremely healthy food no matter how you make it. The vegetable is nutrient-rich with antioxidants and various crucial vitamins. However, steaming this cruciferous immunity booster helps the veggie retain those nutrients best, according to research cited by Healthline.

Salt Room Sessions

Eating too much sodium in our diets can negatively impact our health. Luckily, your doctor is pretty unlikely to give you any grief about spending time in a salt room. That’s because this one simple wellness practice of inhaling dry salt particles can help the body resist all kinds of nasty respiratory stuff and immunological issues.

A man with a compromised immune system blows his nose into a tissue.
Curious how to boost your immune system BEFORE you get sick?

Trimune Booster IV Therapy

When it comes to how to boost your immune system, the Trimune Booster IV should be an obvious answer. That’s because this nutrient-packed cocktail has been specifically engineered to support your immune system. The intravenous cocktail packs a punch with an antioxidant component, plenty of minerals, and a high-quality vitamin C dose. On top of the ingredients themselves, the delivery method of IV infusion allows our bodies to absorb these nutrients far more thoroughly than they can absorb the contents of oral nutritional supplements.

Reasonable Levels of Exercise

Exercise can be great for giving your immune system a little extra kick, but don’t overdo it! According to research (referenced here), keeping one’s workouts below the 60-minute mark at a “moderate-to-vigorous intensity” level should give the immune system a better boost than pushing your body to more strenuous activity levels.

Herbal Tea

It’s not news that drinking herbal tea can be a comforting salve for the common cold and other nasty bugs. But it’s also an easy answer for how to boost your immune system without expending much effort! Look for teas like ginger, turmeric, or peppermint that contain antioxidants and/or other disease-fighting ingredients like antimicrobial or antiviral properties (Artful Tea).

Tea in bed for a sick person.
A young girl getting an injection from a doctor.

Don’t Skip Your Doctor Visits!

Sound obvious? Great!

Regular checkups with your physician are an indispensable part of remaining at peak health in the modern world. Think of reporting/monitoring symptoms, staying up to date on vaccinations, etc. as a pre-emptive, immune-boosting collaboration with your chosen medical professional.

Need Help Strengthening Your Immune System?

If figuring out how to strengthen your immune system and take the appropriate steps is still giving you trouble, try this: Implement just one thing from this list into your life this week.

Maybe you can get inspired to make a flavor-rich steamed broccoli recipe for the family. Have fun with it! How about rallying a friend to go visit a salt room together as a fun, new experience? Whatever way you choose to start strengthening your immune system, just taking that first step in the right direction is huge.

Remember: our immune systems may exist to support us, but it’s no one-way street!

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