A couple in their thirties or forties laughing on a yoga mat.

7 Tips: How to Start Working Out Again

Starting to work out in your forties? Sixties? Eighties? Good for you! Establishing the right physical exercise regimen can work wonders for your physical, mental, and spiritual quality of life. So, how to start working out again then? How exactly can we avoid the all-too-common burnout and make this new habit stick? Here are a […]

A man in a white suit stroking his chin in front of a rosy pink background.

Better Absorption Through Physician-Administered Vitamin D3 Injections

If you’re wondering about supplementing the nutrients your body takes in, you may have questions about the benefits of vitamin D3 injections and what the signs of vitamin D deficiency are. Let’s take a look! What are the Benefits of Vitamin D3 Injections? Some of the benefits of a vitamin D3 injection include reducing the […]

An older woman stands tall on a cliff by the sea, reaching her arms up in the air in a yoga pose.

5 Surprising Benefits of B12 Shots

If you’re interested in upping your vitamin B (also known as cobalamin) intake as a way to give yourself an edge or fight a B12 deficiency, you’ve likely heard about B12 injections. The benefits of B12 shots aren’t just limited to energy and mood elevation though. Let’s take a look at what a little extra […]

Five women standing on one leg each in yoga poses on a beach.

How to Choose a Medspa for Natural Healing

Medical patients and professionals alike continue to shift their focus toward natural healing treatments. Do you know what signs to look for in a medspa or wellness center? Here are a few tips.

A woman taking a wellness walk in the sunshine.

What is Holistic Care Exactly?

What is holistic care exactly, and why should it be important to you? For the answer, let's take another look at Jenna Templeton's eight pillars of holistic medicine.

A woman sits on a rock facing out over a valley at sunset.

What is Holistic Wellness vs. Integrative Medicine?

To find the distinction between holistic wellness and integrative medicine, let's take a look at what each term means by looking at what a variety of experts say on the subject.

Two women doing a Barre Above Pilates exercise on yoga mats.

Abs Workout: Big Fun with Barre Above Pilates

Do you struggle with keeping your abs toned? Even with a strong abs workout in place, cross-training is important. That's why Barre Above Pilates may just be your golden ticket.