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5 Natural Pain Management Solutions

July 01, 2024

Chronic pain is out of control in the United States. A staggering amount of Americans — approximately 20% according to CDC population health data (U.S. Pain Foundation) — live with chronic pain, i.e. pain persisting for more than three months. This reality creates a fertile environment for the compounding impact of national health problems like the opioid crisis. With this in mind, research into natural pain management solutions is in our best national interest. But particularly for those who do deal with chronic and/or acute pain, what natural pain relief and holistic treatment options are available?

5 Treatments for Natural Pain Management

With chronic pain affecting Americans at such extraordinary levels, many are searching high and low for the best natural pain relief options. With that in mind, here are five all-natural pain relief treatments that can help you battle those nasty, lingering aches and chronic pain episodes.

Meditation (+ Vibroacoustic Therapy)

Meditation can have an immense pain-relieving effect. By learning to identify less with external sensations like pain and the passing anxieties that surround these, meditators may begin to experience pain with more lightness. So, setting aside the level of pain itself, a meditative practice can help build a pleasant space between one’s painful sensations and the inherent “badness” we associate with those feelings. To put it another way, meditation can give us the clarity to see pain more consistently for what it is — a biological response meant to protect our bodies from damage — instead of focusing so rigidly on the anxious thinking that so frequently clouds our experience of pain.

A vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) bed might just be the bodywork foundation you need to take your meditative practice and natural chronic pain relief to new heights. Designed to harness the power of vibration and sound for an enhanced therapeutic effect, VAT sessions facilitate an integrated experience across the mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions.

We’re thrilled to announce that we now offer vibroacoustic therapy sessions at our location in Dublin. Learn more about vibroacoustic therapy beds or schedule your first session today!

Infrared Saunas

Research shows that infrared light can provide natural chronic pain relief. In fact, some cross-species research on the effects of near-infrared light points to the potential in humans for eliminating damaged nerves that cause chronic pain. As scientists and sauna users continue to explore the many benefits of infrared saunas, this treatment presents a simple, safe, and all-natural pain relief solution for many otherwise healthy folks.

Full-spectrum infrared saunas (like the high-end Sunlighten model at our location) emit near, mid, and far infrared light.

Red Light Therapy

Similar to infrared saunas, advocates of red light therapy appreciate the easy and effective natural pain management approach it provides. Popularized by NASA, which utilized the wavelength treatment in hopes of speeding up astronaut wound recovery, red light therapy has been a topic of interest within the wellness community for several years.

Red light panels actually emit both red and near-infrared lights. While red light is visible and works closer to the surface of the skin, infrared is invisible and reaches deeper (RevitalyzeMD). At Rejuvenate You, we offer red light therapy on its own and as an add-on to our infrared sauna sessions. This makes it possible to get the benefits of red light with the full spectrum of infrared sauna light all at once, depending on your goals and needs.

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Glutathione IV Therapy

Glutathione deficiency can lead to a variety of undesirable symptoms including fatigue, trouble sleeping, compromised immunity, and brain fog. As if these weren’t bad enough, a lack of glutathione can also lead to chronic joint and/or muscle pain. (Core Med Science)

A glutathione IV is the quickest way to flood your system with this master antioxidant, boasting 100% bioavailability.

Compression Therapy

For natural pain management or muscle aches in the hips and legs, many in the world of athletic training turn to compression therapy. NormaTec boots and hip attachments are the go-to choice for many elite athletes following an intense practice and competition. This powerful muscle recovery machine is designed to kick lactic acid and inflammation to the curb, delivering major relief to anyone (athlete or otherwise) who spends extended time on their feet or suffers from lower body muscle fatigue.

We Know All About Chronic Pain & Natural Pain Management

Dr. Paula Jones in The Tranquility center.

As a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with over two decades of experience in the medical field, Dr. Jones has seen it all. In fact, one of the motivating factors behind opening Rejuvenate You was her insight that preventative healthcare maintenance could help individuals avoid a shocking percentage of the emergency medical cases she sees in the ER.

On top of her work in emergency medicine, Dr. Jones’ has been a voice for Crohn’s and colitis sufferers, a disorder that has directly affected her family. Providing holistic and all-natural pain management options to her Dublin community is near and dear to Dr. Jones’ heart.

Your Chronic Pain is Not a Life Sentence

For those frustrated by chronic pain, we see you. It can be hard to keep believing in the potential for a pain-free future when you’ve exhausted so many options and been let down so many times before. You may have tried dozens of different exercises, supplements, and treatments. Maybe you’ve even undergone unsuccessful surgeries.

The team at Rejuvenate You provides physician-run IV therapy and a wide range of other chronic pain management treatments to get you back on the path to a happier, healthier you. Stop by any time during our business hours to chat with Dr. Jones and get a recommendation based on your health background, lifestyle, and pain relief goals. We look forward to hearing your story and joining you on your journey to a more enjoyable tomorrow.

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