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A salt room therapy set up inside Dublin's new Tranquility Center.

6 Benefits of Doing Salt Room Therapy

June 09, 2022

Do you have upper respiratory issues? High stress levels? Flaky skin? If so, you may want to pay extra close attention to this one. That’s because we’re diving into salt room therapy today. The world of natural health and wellness is full of exciting practices and treatments — exercises, nutrients, and other modalities that offer potential for treating, maintaining, and supporting our bodies and minds. To that end, salt rooms offer some pretty cool possibilities. So, what salt room therapy benefits can folks look for?

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A family trying salt cave therapy.

What is Halotherapy Like?

Salt room therapy is a relaxing treatment that feels somewhat similar to breathing in a salty Pacific Ocean breeze. Salt room therapy (also known as dry salt therapy, halotherapy, and salt cave therapy) consists of sitting in a room where one is surrounded by a variety of salt distributors. These can include salt panels, salt lamps, other salt surfaces, or a halogenerator. From there, you just breathe!

Dry vs. Wet Salt Therapy

There are two types of salt therapy — dry and wet. Dry salt therapy is the focus of this article. It’s the form of salt therapy that may utilize a halogenerator salt therapy machine, salt lamps, and salt panels (as mentioned above).

So, what is “wet salt therapy” then?

If you’ve ever had a sore throat, persistent muscle aches, or a cold you just can’t seem to kick, chances are that you’ve actually tried wet salt therapy without realizing it. Wet salt therapy is simply a salt water gargle, epsom salt bath, neti pot application, or some other salt + water healing approach.

6 Dry Salt Therapy Benefits

The benefits of using a salt room include respiratory support, better oxygen intake, better skin health, immune system support, and stress reduction.

Respiratory Aid

Pink grains of Himalayan salt.
Experience Himalayan salt room benefits at The Tranquility Center.

Of the potential salt room benefits we’ll discuss here, the elimination of toxins from the respiratory system may be the biggest. Inhaling dry salt particles bolsters the respiratory system by helping to remove bacteria, mucus, and inflammatory properties. As a result, salt room therapy has been used to treat many respiratory conditions such as: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis, and smoker’s cough.

Oxygen Intake

The enhanced respiratory performance has a nice snowball effect on our breathing in general. As a result of the cleared passageways, individuals may experience higher oxygen intake. This not only improves the immune system, but also increases one’s energy levels.

Skin Health

Better-looking skin is another salt therapy benefit that it’s easy to get jazzed about. Salt room therapy particles are able to reach beneath the surface of the skin, improve its moisture barrier, and clear out unwanted bacteria and foreign elements.

Halogenerator salt therapy machines are similar to an exfoliator in this way. You’ll wish you’d started using one years ago!

A young woman holding a salt lamp.

Salt therapy rooms have been used for treating a variety of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, allergies, and rosacea! 

Immune System Support

Bearing in mind that the essential idea behind salt room therapy is to massively amp up the health benefits of ocean air inhalation, it makes sense that regular sessions would boost the immune system.

A wide variety of salt room therapy proponents tout the strong anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting effects of the treatment. One in particular told Huffpost that she hadn’t had a single cold in five years of running her salt caves!

When inhaled, all the micro particles of dry salt absorb and attack foreign substances within the body. This enables the body to rid itself of bad particles. In this way, regular salt cave therapy sessions with halogenerators and/or other salt-emitting units can strengthen our bodies immune systems.

Stress Reduction

Aside from the oceanic serenity and calming effects inherent to salt room therapy, a halogenerator salt therapy machine also works to relieve stress by breaking up the elements that comprise salt to make negatively charged ions. It is thought these negatively charged ions from the halogenerator help to reduce stress levels and more. (Vivify Wellness at Avenues)

“When negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are believed to neutralize free radicals and produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin. This is helpful in alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting our daytime energy.”

Vivify Wellness at Avenues

Salt Room Therapy Can Help Improve Breathing Issues Caused By COVID-19

Halotherapy may also be of particular use to those with breathing-related COVID-19 symptoms. Salt room therapy, of course, is not a cure for COVID. But it is something. That’s because salt room therapy is a way to “treat breathing problems caused by COVID-19, improving your breathing and the amount of oxygen in your blood” according to WebMD.

Who Should Try a Salt Cave or Salt Therapy Room?

Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of salt rooms for yourself?

Before embarking on new health and wellness journeys, we always recommend speaking with a licensed medical professional. We do have a doctor on staff and on site at Rejuvenate You/The Tranquility Center during our business hours.

That said, salt room therapy is extremely low risk. There’s just not a lot of possible side effects to trying this. So, for anyone who wants to try it, there’s nothing holding you back from all these awesome salt therapy benefits!

Grand Opening Announcement!!!

Dr. Paula in the salt therapy room at The Tranquility Center in Dublin.

The Tranquility Center

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Location: Directly next to Rejuvenate You: 5960 Venture Dr. Dublin, OH

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