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IV Hydration Therapy

Get on the drip.


Ready to revitalize your bloodstream with a tailored cocktail of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids? Come relax in a comfy massage chair at our IV bar and choose from any of our five IV infusions for a super dose of the nutrients your body craves.

*Receive FREE IV therapy infusion of choice when you host a party of 10 or more. Call or message for details.

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Dr. J Juice Power-Up

This signature IV therapy vitamin drip is the one-stop-shop for all your nutritional needs. Elevate your mood, instantly rehydrate your brain, and experience the maximum impact of IV hydration therapy. This particular drip hydration works wonders as a long-term, year-round health routine.


Immune Booster

Want to get your body into tip-top virus-fighting condition? Our Immune Booster IV therapy is packed with nine essential armoring nutrients including a mega dose of vitamin C.


Performance + Muscle-Up

Our premium IV hydration therapy was designed to fortify and strengthen your muscles and joints for hard training and performance. It’s an excellent pre-workout stamina boost, post-workout muscle recovery aid, or both!


Turn-It-Up Energizer

This infusion will heighten your mental clarity, sharpen your focus, and decrease feelings of fatigue. Replenish your electrolytes, elevate your mood, and get ready for a zippy, productive day.



Known as the “master antioxidant,” glutathione aids in physical recovery, endurance, strength, and liver detoxification. This IV drip is designed to revitalize your body on a cellular level, slow signs of aging, and give your skin a bright and healthy glow over a series of treatments.


IV Therapy Add-ons

  • Glutathione: Recovery, strength, endurance, detox
  • Vitamin B12: Mood, digestion, energy
  • Vitamin B Complex: Immune boost, heart health, mood improvement
  • Vitamin D3: Building and keeping your bones strong, reduces symptoms of depression
  • Infrared Heat Lamp: Increases circulation, relieves pain, and improves complexion


"I couldn't believe how much more alert I felt!! I don't know how to explain it, but today my body just feels "really good" and I have great energy... So excited about this journey!"

— Michelle C.


IV Therapy

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Dr. J Juice Power-Up $169.00
Immune Booster $149.00
Hydration + Power-up $149.00
Turn-It-Up Energizer $149.00
Glutathione $55.00

IV Therapy Add-ons

Glutathione $59.00
Vitamin B12 $39.00
Vitamin B Complex $39.00
Vitamin D3 $39.00
Infrared Heat Lamp $10.00

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