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Banana Bag IV: What It Cures and What It Doesn’t

October 16, 2021

As the popularity of vitamin IV drips continues to grow, and indulging in a medspa day with friends becomes more and more commonplace, you may start picking up some new terminology. After all, “infrared saunas,” “microneedling,” and “oxygen bars” certainly weren’t in the vernacular twenty years ago. Among these exciting new treatments, the “banana bag IV” holds a special place in many hearts.

Maybe you’ve seen somebody get one on TV — Gwyneth Paltrow has been back in the news lately touting the fact that she uses IV therapy. Perhaps a friend has suggested a hangover IV bag or banana bag infusion after a long night out, or maybe this article is the first you’ve ever heard of them.

“I think they’re really helpful if you have a good doctor prescribing what’s in it, and a good nurse to kind of jab you with it. But, it’s one of the ways I typically get through flu season, and especially with long-term inflammatory stuff—I’ve had some long COVID symptoms and mold exposure in the past, so I find IVs incredibly helpful for anything chronic.

Gwyneth Paltrow to Harper’s Bazaare
(Yahoo News via Bang Showbiz NZ)

Wherever you first heard of IV therapy, you probably have grasped that the treatment is en vogue these days. And in a field of many IV cocktail options, the banana bag IV may be a fan favorite. So let’s take a look at what these treatments are, why folks use them, and a few possible alternatives to consider.

A peeled banana against a light pink background.
A hangover IV bag can deliver a quick recovery, but could there be an even better vitamin-rich option?

What is a Banana Bag IV?

A banana bag IV is a collection of nutrients administered through an IV to help patients who have had a lot to drink. While it is popularly known as a hangover cure, it is also used for ICU patients with alcohol disuse disorder.

But for our purposes here, it’s a hangover cure. As Rocky Mountain IV Medics puts it, “Banana bag infusions, also known as “rally packs,” take advantage of the speed and absorption efficiency of IV drips to deliver the targeted relief of AUD symptoms (*or occasional overindulgence) offered by its main ingredients.”
*Parenthetical info added.

What’s in a Banana Bag IV?

Now we know what it’s used for, but exactly what ingredients are in an IV banana bag? The IV drip we offer at Rejuvenate You, while a close cousin, is slightly different from a standard banana bag IV. For the traditional IV banana bag experience, Rocky Mountain IV Medics lists the common ingredients as thiamine, folate, magnesium, sulfate, and multivitamins mixed into a saline solution.

A yellow banana bag IV on a stand.

3 Downsides to Relying on a Banana Bag Vitamin IV Drip

The banana bag IV is one of the most popular products in a booming IV therapy industry, but should the average weekend warrior be regularly relying on them?

It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with a banana bag vitamin IV drip every once in a while, but there are a few reasons you may want to reconsider popping into a random medspa for this treatment on a rough morning.

Safety Concerns When Improperly Administered

We’ve said it before about finding a medspa, but it bears repeating: please do go to a medical professional who can treat you with the expertise and care you deserve. Otherwise, you’ll be trusting a random stranger to jab your vein with god knows what.

Unfortunately, not all wellness spas are run the same. Not all have doctors on staff. That’s why it pays to do your research before committing to any IV banana bag or other treatment. At our office, a board-certified emergency room doctor is the only one who performs treatments. Because that’s how we’d want it done for us.

Prefab Cocktail

The other upside to having a doctor in charge is that they know how to individualize your hangover treatment. A good doctor knows how to add and subtract what’s needed, customizing your IV bag with the right nutrients for your specific needs.

Pulling a prefab hangover IV out of the box, sticking your vein, and going off to read a book until you’re finished? That couldn’t be further from the way we do things around here. We believe spa-goers deserve a personalized experience and top-quality care. That’s why a doctor is always available for anything you need throughout the entirety of your visit at Rejuvenate You.

Dr. Paula Jones in front of an Oxygen therapy booth at Rejuvenate You in Dublin, Ohio.
Schedule a banana bag IV infusion equivalent today!

Treating the Symptom

Sometimes a banana bag IV (or our special “Reviver” drip) is exactly what you need after a wild night out. But… if you’re already taking the time out of your day and the money out of your wallet to come in for an IV drip, why not take the opportunity to work on your whole health too?

It’s really easy to fall into the habit of just focusing on the problem at hand. We all do it, because sometimes life throws the kitchen sink at us (rude!). But when we take a little extra time to build habits that benefit our future selves, it’s much easier to break out of that “quick fix” mentality. A consistent vitamin IV and/or overall wellness focus can help keep your body strong, your immunity levels high, and your head clear.

Because a quick fix is awesome, but your body deserves a consistent long-term plan too!

Holistic Wellness

In fact, it’s that very “quick-over-quality” mentality that the holistic care model exists to overcome. If you feel like you’re always putting out a fire then turning around to find another, exploring a healthier balance might be just the ticket. Carving out some more “You” time to focus on your health can be a great step.

Which is why we believe a physician-run medical spa should be available as more than just a pitstop for curing the occasional hangover. It should also be a wellness resource and supportive community, helping folks build awesome health habits! That’s what we exist to do at Rejuvenate You.

Rejuvenate You Value Statement

But Hey… We Can Fix Headaches Too 😉

All that said, letting loose is important! We hope you stay responsible, but of course we have you covered with our “Reviver” IV drip any time you’re feeling worse for wear. You’re always more than welcome to come by for a hangover IV bag or any old reason at all!

Whether you need a banana bag IV cocktail, oxygen therapy, or something else entirely, we look forward to chatting with you about your wellness goals and helping you however we can in your health journey!

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