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A woman in need of some sleep hacks lying wide awake under her bedsheets.

How to Get Better Sleep (11 Sleep Hacks)

December 19, 2022

Have you ever grumbled this at 4AM? “I want to sleep but my body won’t let me.” Learning how to fall asleep fast is high on the would-if-I-could list for insomniacs everywhere, but are there any sleep hacks that actually help?

Most of us are familiar with the frustration of feeling wired when we really don’t want to be. So, what’s the solution to how to fall asleep fast before a big presentation? What’s the answer for how to get better sleep in general?

Solutions do exist, but they may be different for different people. With that in mind, a little bit of safe experimentation may help you uncover your silver bullet.

A man and dog asleep in bed.

How to Get Better Sleep With 11 Sleep Hacks

Sleeplessness is a pain in the backside. Here are eleven sleep hacks to turn your restless nights into more dream time.

1.) Try a Sleep Mask

On a backwards schedule? Otherwise exposed to more natural or artificial light during your sleeping hours than you’d like? Sleep masks can be a huge help.

Because let’s face it… the morning sun slicing through your blinds doesn’t become “beautiful” until after you have your seven or more recommended hours of sleep.

2.) Use Planning Tools

Who among us hasn’t pulled the occasional all-nighter to finish a project? Not everyone struggles with chronic procrastination, but it can cause some serious sleep issues for those who do.

A proactive approach to consistent procrastination could include keeping a daily planner or committing to writing out a simple morning checklist. Doing so may empower and inspire certain personalities to stay on top of daytime obligations before they stack up into the wee hours.

A college student asleep on the quad with a book draped over her face.

3.) Address Your Workload and Habits

While better planning can often eliminate the need for cramming, sometimes there’s just too much work to do at the end of the day. While missing a couple of hours every now and then is one thing, routinely missing sleep to get things done is not a sustainable or healthy approach. On top of the toll this may take on one’s mental and physical wellbeing, one’s work and relationships can also suffer.

4.) Try Sleeping Earlier Than Your Used To

The idea of finishing a 12-hour shift, driving home, and then going immediately to sleep isn’t always appealing. When a worker in a high-stress industry gets home from a long and exhausting day, unwinding is a natural desire — it’s tempting to stay up later than one should. Be warned though: “Revenge bedtime procrastination” (aka that decision to scroll your Insta feed instead of hitting the hay) can lead to some nasty effects (Sleep Foundation).

A woman waking up and stretching in bed.

5.) Cultivate Inner Tranquility

It can be a task just to calm that pesky internal monologue long enough to fall asleep. Luckily, there are a wide variety of tranquility practices that can help. Meditation, yoga, and prayer are just a few common examples. These can help us refocus both mind and spirit — quite a helpful sleep hack when the brain’s racing at 2AM.

6.) Avoid Blue Light Before Bed

Studies show a correlation between poor sleep quality and the blue light emitted by computers, tablets, cell phones, and the like (WebMD). Even fluorescent lighting has this affect. To optimize your sleep schedule, experiment with shutting down electronics and other sources of blue light before bed.

7.) Shine a (Red) Light on Your Day

Red light therapy may be your answer for how to get better sleep. Famously used in outer-space plant growth experiments by NASA[1]Cleveland Clinic, the treatment has evolved. Today, health-conscious individuals seek better sleep and more among the benefits of red light treatments.

A cat yawning.

8.) Hit the Gym… But Try Going Early

While proper exercise helps our bodies get to sleep faster and achieve more slow wave sleep, there’s not much consensus on the ideal time of day for it (Johns Hopkins). That said, if sleep eludes a late-night lifter, they might consider switching things up. For those with more sedentary lifestyles, combatting insomnia may be as simple as committing to getting those daily steps in.

Recommended Reading: Check out 7 Tips on How to Start Working Out Again, for some fun and inspiring ways to jumpstart your exercise routine!

9.) Get More Salt in Your… Lungs?

Setting that extra salt packet aside on your french fries may be wise, but there’s no need to sweat your blood pressure when it comes to salt inhalation. Given the fact that halotherapy promotes a better night’s rest, it could be the sleep hack you’re looking for.

Fun fact: Himalayan salt room therapy requires nothing more than literally just relaxing in a specially optimized salt room!

10.) Talk it Out

It’s no secret that stress, anxiety, and depression can keep a person up at night. The sleeplessness and/or mental state causing it may be obvious in some cases, but these things can also build up at a low level or fly under the radar. With the stigma around mental health rapidly diminishing, it’s becoming clear that most (if not all) of us would do well to work on our “emotional hygiene” habits.

Check out this fascinating Ted Talk on the subject of emotional hygiene by Guy Winch Ph.D:

11.) Ask Your Doctor About Natural Sleep Aids

From melatonin to magnesium, natural sleep aid options exist to help you get better sleep. Discuss with a trusted medical professional to determine whether or not sleep aids are the best option for you.

Which Sleep Hacks Work For You?

We want to hear YOUR solutions for how to get more deep sleep! Let us know the sleep hacks (on this list or not) that help you get to sleep when the pressure is on. Explore Rejuvenate You’s wellness services to schedule a session today!


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