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A group of bridal shower participants holding balloons.

10 Memorable Bridal Shower Activities

November 30, 2023

Does finding the perfect, meaningful bridal shower activities for your group feel daunting? It can be hard to please everyone. This is especially true when a bride-to-be has a wide variety of friends from different walks of life. Ultimately, pleasing everyone may be a fool’s errand, but you can certainly create a wonderful experience for most (if not all) by considering the range of creative ideas for bridal showers below.

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Make Memories With These 10 Meaningful Bridal Shower Activities

While bachelorette parties receive a lot of attention and hype — the bridal shower is arguably the more important event. Where a bachelorette party provides an opportunity to go a little wild among friends before the big day, bridal shower activities tend to carry an air of slightly more significance and typically include a broader range of the bride and groom’s relatives.

Here are several ideas for bridal showers that will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved — most importantly, of course, the bride-to-be!

Classic Brunch With a Twist

Few bridal shower activities are as tried-and-true as a classic brunch. The only risk with a bridal shower brunch is that it could feel a little uninspired or boring, depending on your group. Consider shaking things up by seeking out a unique culinary experience or finding a spot that no one in the group has tried before.

IV Party

Have you considered throwing an IV party for your bridal shower activity? If you’re familiar with IV hydration treatments, a lightbulb may be going off in your head right now. That’s because IV parties are riding a MASSIVE wave of popularity these days. So what better way to get all the gals (guys as well!) together and feeling good than with cocktails that make everyone feel better for several days (rather than hungover from rowdy bridal shower activities)?

Eclectic Bridal Games

What’s a bridal shower without a quirky game or seven? Check out these 16 bridal shower game ideas to turn up the heat of competition and get the good times rolling!

Art Museum

Grab your beret, brush up on that one art history class you took in college, and explore the work at a local art museum with your people. Ideally, there’s a cafe or event space inside the museum that you can reserve as a central location for the day’s festivities.

Paint Party

Got a group more interested in creating their own art? Consider a bridal paint party! Most cities have more than a few studios that offer group event bookings, making this an easy, accessible, and downright enjoyable bridal shower idea.

Salt Spa

Traditional spas are so last year — why not level up your wellness game at a Himalayan salt spa? Gathering in a dedicated salt room is a deeply relaxing experience that sets the tone for a splendid, wellness-themed bridal shower.

Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a classic in the world of bridal shower activities. Typically a more sophisticated affair than the stereotypical wild bachelorette party, wine tastings give a fun-yet-loose structure that’s perfect for giving gifts, making toasts, and generally celebrating a bride-to-be.

Interested in staying away from alcohol for your bridal shower plans? Consider booking a dry bar or providing mocktail options for a clear-headed and classy affair.

Picnic Tea Party

A slightly more adventurous take on the traditional tea party bridal shower idea, having a simple picnic in a nice outdoor park or other public locale can be just the ticket for many groups. Fresh air, lovely scenery, and the intimacy of a laid-back picnic vibe can set the stage nicely for a future bride’s upcoming occasion.

Botanical Bridal Bash

Springboarding off of the outdoor picnic bridal shower idea, a more formally curated environment has its charms as well. Renting space at a lush curated garden or topiary space can add an element of whimsy to your bridal shower activities for the day.

For those in the Dublin or Columbus area, consider Franklin Park Conservatory or Park of Roses.

Candle Making

First-time “chandlers” (candle makers) are often surprised by just how enjoyable the candle making process is! The hands-on learning experience is extremely simple and perfectly oriented for a group, which makes for a great bridal shower activity.

For those in the Dublin or Columbus area, party reservations are available at Penn & Beech Candle Co.

What If I Can’t Choose Between Ideas for Bridal Showers?

Nothing’s set in stone here — you can always get creative and combine the ideas above. For instance, there’s nothing to say you can’t adapt some fun bridal shower games for your outdoor picnic. Others may consider renting the Rejuvenate You Wellness Center for a la carte bridal shower activities, including our Himalayan salt room and red light therapy. We also offer discounts on IV parties for 10 or more people.

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