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4 All Natural Acne Treatment Options

May 31, 2024

Persistent acne issues can affect one’s comfort, self-esteem, and confidence as they move throughout the world. For that reason, finding effective ways to address the underlying causes and symptoms of acne can mark a tremendous shift in quality of life for individuals dealing with this frustrating skin condition. So what is the best skincare treatment for acne? From crucial vitamin infusions to red light therapy solutions, here are four all natural acne treatment options to explore.

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4 Natural Acne Treatment Ideas to Explore

Beyond chemical creams, prescription pills, dietary adjustments, and limiting certain environmental exposures, there are also a variety of revolutionary, all natural acne treatments that can help kick acne to the curb. We’re willing to bet you haven’t tried all of the treatments on this list yet.

IV Vitamin C

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A popular ingredient in many topical beauty products, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is known to have a powerful effect on the skin in general. A heavy dose of vitamin C can be used to combat a variety of skin conditions, including acne (8 Vitamins & Nutrients For Skin Health). It can be an extra valuable option in cases of acute deficiency or where bodily absorption of the vitamin is otherwise compromised (Solea Beauty Lounge).

Unfortunately, the bioavailability of oral vitamin C supplements is quite low. This means that our bodies cannot optimally utilize the vitamin C in these supplements (this is why you’ll notice oral vitamin C percentages are many hundreds of times your daily dose recommendation). Intravenous vitamin C from a qualified medispa is a more efficient solution to this issue. A licensed physician can ensure the bloodstream receives a safe and optimal infusion volume of vitamin C for acne.

Microneedling Treatments

Another exciting aesthetic service sweeping medispa world is microneedling. Responsible microneedling treatment consists of a medically qualified individual strategically puncturing the skin’s outer layer with small, sterile needles. Before treatment at our medispa, a licensed physician explains the process, addresses all questions, and minimizes any potential for minor discomfort by applying a numbing gel to the neck and face. Following treatment, the visible improvements on wrinkles, acne, and/or scars is often just downright breathtaking.

Microneedling treatment benefits include better facial tone, softening of the appearance of scars, and various other positive skin-related effects. One ancillary effect of this treatment is that it creates a more hospitable environment for acne healing! That’s because a microneedling treatment regimen basically prompts the skin to create more natural collagen on its own. As many skincare savvy folks know, collagen works to hydrate the skin. So, as MD Acne explains, “collagen can indirectly benefit individuals with acne by improving skin hydration and supporting the healing of acne scars.” Considering that our bodies gradually begin to make less collagen as we age, microneedling may be an especially valuable consideration for adults who are suffering from acne.

Salt Room Therapy

It’s no secret that salt rooms are growing in popularity. The benefits of salt room therapy have certainly gotten people talking, and one of these benefits is the effect that this atmosphere has on the skin.

Capable of permeating the outer skin layer, dry salt therapy has an exfoliating effect on the skin, eliminating bacteria and other unwanted skin debris that can build up below the surface.

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Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy was famously brought into the mainstream by NASA, so you KNOW it’s worth taking a look at. Granted, the federal agency didn’t specifically use red light for treating acne, but that’s probably just because all of their astronauts wear helmets and thusly don’t need to worry about such things… must be nice.

When it comes to the acne-related benefits of red light treatment, one of the extraordinary aspects of this treatment is that it can be effective in the way that sunlight exposure is (by stopping sebaceous glands from producing so much acne-causing sebum), but it does this, crucially, without the cancer risks of too much sunbathing (NCBI research from Medical News Today).

That said, it is still advised that anyone receiving red light therapy do so under the supervision of a medical physician to avoid the other potential risks of overexposure.

Which All Natural Acne Treatment Works Best For You?

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