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4 Seasonal Depression Treatment Hacks to Spark Your Joy

March 19, 2021

Seasonal depression (aka “seasonal affective disorder” or “SAD” for short) can hit like a ton of bricks. You may or may not struggle with depression the rest of the year, but for many folks, those dark winter months lead to a real drop in mood levels. The good news is that you aren’t alone. Here are four health-conscious ways to combat seasonal depression and get that serotonin goin’ again!

Seasonal Depression… When?

Not a lot of people realize it, but this type of depression isn’t reserved for the dark and snowy months. Some people experience seasonal affective disorder symptoms in the summer, for instance.

Remember that hit song by Lana Del Ray? It’s a real thing. “Summertime Sadness” is an acknowledged condition!

As reported in the Smithsonian Magazine, one study from Vanderbilt University shows that the emergence of seasonal affective disorder symptoms may actually be linked to birth month. So if you require SAD treatment to deal with seasonal depression, it may be your astrological sign to blame.

A depressed-looking pug wrapped in a blanket looking like he may need some seasonal depression treatment.
Aquarius life. Woof.

Treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder

When it comes to seasonal depression treatment, it may be worth trying a few different things. Trust your body, do some research, and consider giving a few of these SAD remedies a shot.

Light Therapy Boxes

One potential seasonal depression treatment for those who suffer in the darker months is a light therapy box. In places like Alaska, where residents get fewer hours of sunlight every day than those living in the contiguous states, light therapy can be effective as a SAD treatment.


When you get down to it, oftentimes one of the very best things you can do for your mood is to get your heart pumping. The endorphins we release while exerting ourselves help to build a palpable sense of wellbeing. So even though you may not feel like it, going for a jog, a walk, or otherwise getting up and moving can be one of the quickest and most effective seasonal depression treatments.

Vitamin D3

There is a clear connection between vitamin D deficiency and depression. With that in mind, it’s reasonable to consider the possibilities of vitamin D3 as a seasonal depression treatment. And while vitamin supplements can definitely help, our bodies have trouble fully absorbing nutrients when we ingest them through supplements. Luckily, there are other efficient methods for getting vital nutrients like vitamin D3 into your bloodstream to fight the symptoms of things like seasonal depression.

IV therapy, for instance, has been changing the way some people think about hydration, nutrition, and wellness in general. It’s just so convenient and efficient. Plus, the benefits of IV hydration are pretty spectacular.

Dr. Paula administering IV therapy to a male patient.

In addition to the iv route, Doctor Paula here at Rejuvenate You also offers vitamin D3 injections designed to supercharge your immune system and boost your mood… and we can combine it with other SAD treatment options too! But we’ll get to that…

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have a wide range of benefits, and they’re very different from traditional sweat saunas. Getting some full-spectrum infrared exposure can be a great seasonal depression treatment.

Want to learn more? Explore our catalog of resources on infrared saunas.

Got the Winter Blues?

In fact, as I hinted at above, we’re currently offering a combination of some of the seasonal depression treatments on this list in the form of our Winter Blues Buster & Immunity Booster Special.

Of course, after this special ends, we’ll still offer infrared sauna sessions and vitamin D3 shots at our Dublin location. There are ways to stay informed but don’t stress if you miss this particular deal. There are more on the way!

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Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms are Treatable

Rejuvenate You has a variety of health and wellness services to get you feeling like the best version of yourself again — spring, summer, winter, or fall. So stop on in whenever you need to beat the winter blues or kick that summertime sadness to the curb. We’ll be around!

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