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A senior man with white hair, a beard, and wrinkles on his face.

4 Medispa Treatments to Get Rid of Wrinkles

June 01, 2024

The global anti-aging market is a multi-billion dollar industry. In terms of geographic regions, North America holds the biggest slice of the market in 2024, according to researchers at Mordor Intelligence. They also report that one of the key market trends is a rise in sales of both anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch mark products. Clearly, people want to know how to get rid of wrinkles, so where should health-conscious agers look to find a treatment for wrinkles?

A stoic, male elder with wrinkles on his cheeks and around his mouth.

What Factors Affect Finding the Best Wrinkle Treatment For You?

The best wrinkle treatment for one person may not work for another. Unique factors like skin type (dry, oily, etc.) can certainly play a role in what anti-aging treatments will work best. Another aspect is, of course, where on one’s body the wrinkling is occurring. One’s chosen treatment for neck wrinkles may be different than their treatment for wrinkles around the eyes.

Speaking with a dermatologist or other appropriately trained medical professional is always a wise move. It may save individuals a lot of trial and error when adjusting their skincare routine or establishing an anti-aging regimen.

From creams and washes to serums, masks, balms, and any number of other beauty store items, we tend to hear a lot about products in the world of skincare. There’s a reasonable allure to the idea of a $20 fix that can fit in a toiletry bag — nothing wrong with that — but there are also a series of professionally administered wellness treatments that can help fight the signs of aging, sometimes in more robust and meaningful ways.

Pardon the pun, but sometimes we do have to put a little skin in the game to see the results we want. Spending time and energy on a regimen of medispa treatments may not be as easy as the latest OTC skincare product. But sometimes it’s worth asking where easy has gotten us. Sometimes it may be worth shaking things up and trying something new! After all, brighter and tighter skin can be a powerful motivator.

4 Professional Medispa Treatments to Get Rid of Wrinkles in 2024


When it comes to skin care, a lack of results can be extremely frustrating. This may be part of why microneedling is a popular treatment for wrinkles. This extraordinary wrinkle treatment causes our bodies to literally start producing more collagen. The effects on sagging skin and facial tone can be truly life-changing for many who have become frustrated by fine lines and facial creases. At our clinic, we schedule a combination treatment for neck wrinkles and facial wrinkles over the course of three appointments.

IV Wrinkle Treatments

One widely understood obstacle to efficacy with regard to topical and oral supplements is something called “bioavailability”. Bioavailability is the percentage of a supplement that the body is able to absorb and make use of.

Because IVs provide 100% bioavailability (plus other big-time benefits), IV infusions are the single most effective way to administer a full dose of skin healthy nutrients that can help get rid of wrinkles.

But which IVs and nutrients provide the best benefits for the skin? Here are two that may hold keys in terms of how to get rid of wrinkles:

Glutathione IV

Known as the master antioxidant, glutathione is a major player in the world of skincare. This super nutrient has the power to work on a deeper level than many topical treatments, combatting free radicals, decreasing oxidative stress (caused by a lack of antioxidants in the body), and consequently improving skin health (Skin Inc.).

As a matter of fact, according to Stafford Pharmacy, “Studies have found that it is not possible to increase the amount of glutathione in your blood by taking it orally. Instead, glutathione must be administered intravenously.”

Biotin IV

One vitamin that may help get rid of wrinkles is biotin. IV infusions are especially valuable for those trying to increase biotin levels because our bodies don’t actually make the vitamin naturally. Our clinic offers the Inner Beauty infusion, a biotin IV infusion that also includes a healthy flood of other vitamins to give your system a truly rejuvenating boost.

Since Rejuvenate You is run by a licensed doctor, we can actually customize your IV based on your goals. Talk to us about maximizing your wrinkle relief to see what makes the most sense for your needs!

Red Light Therapy

Another treatment that is getting a lot of interest in the anti-aging, wrinkle treatment world is red light therapy. Although NASA famously learned that it could speed up healing for astronauts in the 1990s, it’s still a relatively new treatment modality. As such, it’s not totally clear yet exactly how it works, but studies point to many benefits of red light therapy, including wrinkle reduction, making the treatment both promising and super exciting!

As Henry Ford Health Dermatologist Dr. Ozog M.D. explains, “The main safety concern is that we don’t know if you can overdo it,” so it’s wise to consult with a doctor and/or receive red light therapy under the supervision of a licensed physician to guard against incorrect use.

Salt room therapy

Ever wonder why your skin looks so good after a week at the beach? Assuming adequate SPF coverage, the salty breeze can do wonders for our skin health. Salt room therapy simply maximizes this phenomenon and channels it into a wellness spa environment. Salt rooms are one of the best passive wrinkle treatments around — you literally just hang out in an atmospherically beachy spa room and naturally breathe in the therapeutic Himalayan salts all around you!

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