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5 Incredible Myers’ Cocktail Benefits

September 16, 2023

There’s certainly a lot of positive buzz in the world of IV hydration therapy. If your chosen medspa offers recreational IV treatments as a service, it’s likely that you’ve noticed plenty of different IV options with various benefits. So what is a Myers’ cocktail? Read on to learn the answer to this as well as five impressive Myers’ cocktail benefits.

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Who Was John Myer?

John Myer, MD practiced medicine in Boston, Massachusetts before his passing in 1984. He was ahead of his time, trailblazing the way for future generations to use IV infusions for nutritional purposes. The “Myer’s cocktail” he pioneered (and variations on it) remains one of the most popular IV cocktail options available to this day.
(EG Healthcare)

What is a Myers’ Cocktail?

This intravenous cocktail recipe is a popular way to quickly administer key vitamins and minerals. A traditional Myers’ cocktail may include vitamin C, various B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and a saline solution. That said, many modern iterations of this recipe alter the formula in different ways to accentuate different benefits.

An IV bag like the kind used for a Myers' cocktail.

5 Myers’ Cocktail Benefits

Check out some amazing benefits associated with the Myers’ cocktail!
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Immunity Support

With flu season around the corner, it never hurts to ensure our bodily defenses are operating at full capacity. A nutrient-packed Myers’ cocktail can help ward off all the nasty stuff that might otherwise get in the way of family fun, holiday festivities, and simply enjoying what life has in store.

Nerve & Bone Health

If you haven’t been drinking enough milk like your momma told you, the Myers’ cocktail is here to help. Not getting the B12 you need for a healthy nervous system (Bio IV Therapy)? A Myers’ cocktail with vitamin B12 may be just the ticket! (Another option for low B12 levels? B12 shots!)

Energy Boost

There are a lot of things that can affect our energy levels. Winter blues, lack of an adequate exercise routine, low B12, poor sleep, or a combination of factors could be getting in the way of your get-up-and-go. Why let it?


A doctor in a white coat prepares a woman for the Myers' cocktail benefits she will soon receive through an IV infusion.

Who doesn’t want to support their big, beautiful brain? Mental acuity isn’t just about reading books, playing Dual-N-Back, and acing tests though. Getting the right vitamins and nutrients plays a role too, and the Myers’ cocktail makes an excellent study buddy.


Science tells us that little (if anything) is more critical to human biological maintenance than adequate hydration. Despite this, the number of people who struggle to drink enough water is pretty staggering. IV hydration represents a fun, easy, and speedy way to get all the fluids we need.

Try This Myers’ Cocktail Variation

Our Reviver IV is essentially a variation on the Myers’ Cocktail. Rejuvenate You’s Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician (Dr. Paula) packs these cocktails with a healthy bunch of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to give your body the support it needs.

All IV therapy treatments at our locations are administered by a licensed medical physician.

Other Popular IV Therapy Cocktails

“Banana Bag” vs Myers’ IV Cocktail

A woman in sunglasses holding a banana to her ear like it were a telephone.
Yes, hello. What do you know about IV therapy cocktails?

We’ve been discussing what is probably the most famous IV therapy cocktail. But there’s another buzzword getting a lot of hype in this industry: banana bag IVs. Frequently marketed as a speedy hangover cure, these IVs are all the rage after big nights out. So what’s the difference between these two concoctions…? NOTHING.

That’s right! John Myer’s original IV is actually the same basic thing as a banana bag. The “banana branding” here refers to the yellow hue of the fluid inside these IV bags, but a banana bag offers basically the same jam-packed recipe of essential vitamins and nutrients.
(Onus IV)

Learn More About IV Therapy

It’s not difficult to see why the Myers’ cocktail is such a popular IV. The world of IV therapy is a fascinating one with all sorts of interesting possibilities. If you’re curious to learn a bit more about this industry and treatments, check out our other IV therapy resources.

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